Bumtum Ultra Slim Diaper Pants - UV Protected - Large - 56 Pants

Rs. 4,047.00 Rs. 810.00
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Rs. 810.00

India's first UV-treated diaper to prevent bacterial growth.

COTTONY SOFT FABRIC:- Bumtum Ultraslim Diaper pants, fabricated with cottony soft material are soft & gentle on baby’s skin for regular usage. The top layer designed with a diamond pattern creates a larger absorbing area & uniformly spreads the liquid for easy & fast absorption.

SOFT ELASTIC BAND:- Bumtum Ultraslim Diaper pants can be stretched easily due to their soft elastic band on the waistline. It facilitates an easy-wearing experience without leaving any marks.

COMPLETE DRYNESS:- The non-woven plush material keeps your baby feeling dry & assures a peaceful sleep all night.

WETNESS INDICATOR:- Wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue indicating it is time to change a diaper.

LEAKPROOF:- There is nothing to worry about leakage with the double and bubble layer cuff used in Bumtum diapers that snugly fits your baby without any discomfort.

HIGH ABSORBENCY:- The large absorbing area of the pad ensures maximum dryness for the baby. It can hold up to 7 glasses of liquid, where 1 glass is equal to 50 ml.

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