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Newborn baby massage is an important routine that needs to be followed on daily basis to strengthen the baby's bones and skin. Massage promotes social, emotional, and cognitive development, helping the baby to relax and release the tension of daily stimuli. A good baby massage results in a decrease in irritability and excessive crying. 


Apart from this, it’s also a wonderful way to bond with your baby. It can help to improve sleep patterns, promote digestion, stimulate the immune system, enhance happy hormones, and improve emotional well-being. 


To awaken the baby's senses, make sure you are massaging your baby the right way. If not sure, scroll on to read the:


6 right steps you must follow to massage your newborn baby -  


  1. Warm up the area

Before you start massaging your baby, make sure your baby's body shouldn’t exposed to the wind or open area directly, and make the surrounding temperature babyproof. Gently place your hands on the baby’s body and rub it in a circular motion.


  1. Gentle pressure opens the pores

When it comes to massaging a baby, less is more. It’s important to use gentle pressure to avoid hurting the baby. This results in the opening of pores and the release of the relaxing hormones that ultimately relax and relieve the baby.


  1. Use derma-tested, plant-based massage oil

Daily massage from 100% Natural Bumtum baby massage oil helps release hormones that can assist in relieving discomfort from teething, and chest and nose congestion, and increase blood flow leading to strong muscles and bones while rejoicing your baby's skin before taking a bath.


  1. Always start with the feet

Start the massage from the feet and work your way up the body, ending at the head. It makes the baby comfortable and indulges in the process of massage, while doing so play with them and bond with them. While massaging the head use a gentle circular motion, starting at the forehead and gently stroking down the sides of the head, around the ears, and down the neck, by using your fingertips or the pads of your fingers to massage the baby’s head, be careful not to press too hard and give gentle touch.

  1. Long strokes always calm & relax the baby

When massaging your baby, use long strokes. This is the best way to relax their muscles and help them feel calm. This is the reason the baby gets their relaxing hormone out and soon they get a healthy sleep after a bath. 

  1. Take breaks

Massaging your baby can be a soothing and enjoyable experience. If your baby enjoys the massage, you can continue for as long as you like. But it’s important to take breaks if the baby becomes fussy or uncomfortable.


A little time could make a big difference and a simple one could make a difference. The right way of massage improves your baby's sleep, and health and makes your bond better. Always be wise while choosing the best massage oil for your baby. Make sure the baby products are derma tested, SLES, and sulfate free just like our Bumtum Babycare range.

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